As agency we love the Internet since its creation. For more than ten years we deal with its technologies and concepts. At the beginning of 2003, the year of our founding, we didn't know what direction it will take us. Now we support our clients in the creation of digital internet based products.

Just digital

The future is purely digital. Not only experts,we share this opinion as well. Whether the mobile Internet or video streaming, there will be more and more digital products in our daily lives that are impossible to imagine. Our focus on the design and production of digital products based on web technologies has clear advantages. We have grown up with the Internet and live the digital life, what keeps us on the cutting edge of the Web.

German precision

The change is fast. And this is reflected in your business processes. You need strong partners. So that you can focus on your core business. You have found the right partner around the Internet with us. Together with you, we will work out the optimum for your projects. So, you can benefit from bespoke Internet solutions for your company.

Treffen Sie unser Team

Torsten Panzer

Lars Häuser

Claudia Wolny

ist Design-Allrounder. Nach ihrem Studium des Produktdesigns (Diplom FH), setzt Claudia neue Designs für unsere Projekte mit großem Enthusiasmus, voller Hingabe und Liebe zum Detail um. Neben ihrer beruflichen Tätigkeit an der HS Coburg ist Claudia als freiberufliche Designerin u.a. für uns aktiv.